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Best-In-Class Solar Energy installation Service

3KM Energy Systems Limited offers Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning services under Turnkey Solar EPC Solutions. Our Solutions and value offering includes Residential Solar, Commercial & Industrial Solar, Power & Energy Audit, Solar as a Service, Power as a Service.

Solar Energy Financing

Renewable Energy Made Easy

Our Solar Power as a Service (SaaS) is the innovative, even more cost-effective way to switch to solar. The SaaS service is popular with large industrial clients.

PaaS (Power as a Service)

We provide clients with continuous power through long-term contracts.

SaaS (Solar as a Service)

Clients pay a monthly fee for power consumption with zero upfront costs.




Victron Energy


Youth Power

Founders Message

The greatest challenge

we all must face collectively in the upcoming years is to produce sufficient sustainable energy to support economic growth and energy needs of communities. The key factors for winning this challenge are technology innovation and excellence in operation processes. With a unique market positioning, we are well equipped to face all these future challenges and to meet the market needs. I truly believe the best for 3KM Energy has yet to come!

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Our blog brings together news, opinion, and perspectives from our expert engineering team, highlighting the best in open access research in the renewable energy sector, and offer insights into best maintenance routine for your solar installations.