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Mistake #7 Being put off by dodgy sales techniques

Every industry is full of them. The obvious one that comes to mind is the dodgy car salesman. The thing is, it doesn’t stop us from buying a car. We still need one!

The solar industry, in its infancy, attracted more than its fair share of these vultures. They swarmed like flies to dog shit. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of harm to the industry and made a high percentage of people sceptical for no good reason.

After doing solar installs for too many years, I once applied for a solar sales job. I started with two days ‘training’. Suffice to say I didn’t take the job because the product wasn’t really mentioned too much. The ‘training’ was all about high-pressure sales techniques.

Thankfully there is only a small percentage of companies that operate like this. SolarQuotes has a built-in bullshit detector that picks them up a mile away. All the installers have been vigorously vetted, so you don’t have to worry.

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