Commercial & Industrial Solar

Organizations that mean business go solar. At 3KM Our Commercial & Industrial solar solutions allow you to take control of your energy cost and improve your bottom line. Our commercial solar power is not just for large corporations anymore. Small business facilities with free and clear roof or ground space can achieve greater bottom-line profits by installing solar without having to make a large initial capital investment. 3KM Energy will finance the cost of deploying the solar asset at your facility while saving you the capital investment of doing so.

Why go commercial solar with 3KM?
• Our Solar as a Service (SaaS) power options don’t require any initial capital investment from you.
• We make your business become more profitable by lowering your power operating costs over the term of the contract.
• Your facility becomes a clean, reliable energy power plant while reducing your dependency on diesel generators and the grid.
• The savings from our power solutions can be put directly back into your business to grow it.
• You substantially reduce your carbon footprint.

Residential Solar

3KM Energy residential solar installation can reduce your energy cost by 25 to 50%. Our approach to energy...

Power & Energy Audit

At 3KM Energy Systems Limited, we understand that monitoring the power and energy usage in a facility...