Power As A Service

Power as a service commonly referred to as Energy as a service (EaaS), is an energy distribution model whereby clients outsources its energy provision needs to 3KM Energy. The benefit of this model comes from the ability to use a product without having to pay for it outright nor having to deal with the management or maintenance of the service.

3KM Energy PaaS solution is meant to help compensate the nation’s longstanding failure to develop sufficient utility-scale power infrastructure, replacing millions of fossil fuel generators that are inefficient, expensive, and polluting the atmosphere.

3KM Energy’s products offering for our PaaS service feature advanced lithium-based battery technology integrated with robust battery management systems installed at the customers’ premises, where it is maintained and serviced by our team of experts.

Are You Eligible For POWER AS A SERVICE

Contact us to find out if your area is eligible to install a 3KM Energy POWER AS A SERVICE energy system with Solar Panels, Battery & Inverter. Click the request a quote button below and enter your details for a 5 minute, no obligation chat where we will discuss your household or business energy profile and requirements and then provide you a tailored solar plan.