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Mistake #3 Waiting till installation day to decide the location of installation

Assuming that you and your installer are on the same page as far as deciding what the solar power system installation will look like is a great way to guarantee that you’ll end up in a bad mood.

Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work to find your new solar panels on the wrong roof or the inverter hanging on a wall right where its high voltage DC cables are guaranteed to get chewed by your Dog.

Here are two reasons you shouldn’t wait until the day of the installation to have a casual conversation about this:

  1. You’ll be under pressure to make a decision you may later regret.
  2. You’re locked in and committed, having paid a deposit and signed a contract.

Your installer may have different priorities when it comes to the location of your solar panels. He/she may be thinking about harvesting the best possible yield from the sun. That’s good. They may also prefer a location that’s easiest and most economical for them to do the job – maybe not so good.

On top of your list might be aesthetics. Maybe you don’t want these things flashed all over the neighbourhood. Although you might have a different opinion, symmetrical blocks of even-numbered panels are the best-looking solar arrays.

Concerning inverter location, there’s one major point of note: It should be located out of direct sunlight.

Your installer knows this, but don’t assume it will happen. Once again, ease of installation is usually high on his list of priorities.

You know your property better than they do, so a location they suggest may be impractical for your everyday life. They are, however, bound by a set of rules (actually laws) that dictate what they can or cannot do.

Another thing to think about is whether there will be cables or conduits running down the outside of your walls or in the wall cavity. The location chosen may dictate this.

Make sure you have this conversation in person (preferably with the installer, not the salesman) at your property before you sign up. Words sometimes mean different things to different people, so get them to provide you with a diagram prior to install day.

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