Mistake #4 Not future-proofing your investment

Of all the things you buy over your lifetime, a solar power system will hopefully outlast every one of them, apart from your house. Here are some interesting statistics for average lifespans of stuff we spend our hard-earned dollars on in Australia:

  • House – 50 years
  • Solar panels – 25 years
  • Car – 12 years
  • TV – 7 years

When you make the decision to purchase a solar power system, it doesn’t make economic sense to go for the cheap one. You have to play the long game. Get a good installer who uses good gear and pay a bit more for peace of mind and a solid investment.

The last thing you want is the inverter frying or one of your panels not working halfway through its journey. That will only result in expensive maintenance call-outs and a fight with the installation company. You don’t want it, and they don’t want it.

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